Rainy Day Activity: Popcorn Fun

It’s raining, it’s pouring…what is a desperate mom to do? My popcorn tub came to my rescue this week and I have pulled it into our guest bathroom so the kids could have a blast in it, with easy clean-up for me.

I had bought a bag of popcorn at our wholesale club and knew that there was no way we would be able to eat the entire bag in a timely fashion. This popcorn tub was my son’s favorite gift for Christmas two years ago and it is still going strong.

We filled the tub with all of the children’s toys from their sand box and they have a blast for hours playing in this. When they are done, I just get out a broom and dustpan and make quick work of it. I have found that my sweepers spit the popcorn back out so it is easier to just take a broom to the floors, rather than doing the sweeping and spitting bit that I was doing before.

Emily didn’t get the concept of keeping the popcorn in the tub, but she soon got the hang of it after I showed her how she could fill her pails in the plastic container rather than trying to scoop and pour on the floor.

What goes better with popcorn than pajamas? Keep the kids in their “morning clothes” (as my son calls them!) and let them enjoy a quiet day of playing in popcorn.

Popcorn & Pajamas- two of my favorite “P” words especially when mommy is POOPED! Don’t you love how ridiculously theme-y I am?

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