Our Sisterwoman Circle

I don’t know if you have had a chance to visit our circle of girlfriends yet, on Sisterwoman.com, but I just wanted to extend the invitation today. If you aren’t familiar with Sisterwoman.com, it is the first online community to celebrate and nurture women’s real-life “SisterCircles,” while also fostering connections to new girlfriends from around the world. It allows women to easily share experiences, emotions, and advice, and to exchange information such as videos, photos, and social calendars. Sisterwoman.com gives girlfriends an easy way to stay in touch despite increasingly hectic lives. I hope you can get a chance to stop by today because it is a great way to interact, ask questions from other moms, and just give us an opportunity to connect with one other. Thanks to Sisterwoman.com for choosing us as one of their Sister Sites!

Published May 31, 2006 by:

Amy Allen Clark is the founder of MomAdvice.com. You can read all about her here.

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