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Stumped for birthday party ideas this year? You are in luck because we have pulled a list of great places that you can have your next child’s birthday party at. I have created a directory of places that offer children’s birthday parties. Why, you might ask? Well, I had a hard time finding information about who offered parties for children. After researching for our son’s birthday party, we decided to have a McDonald’s birthday party and it has become among the top items searched for that have lead people to our site. I figured that I probably was not the only mom hunting for this information so I put together a list of (mostly) national places that you can host your next birthday party at.

This is not necessarily the most frugal birthday party choice. I have hosted some wonderful birthday parties at our home. For our son’s first birthday party, I made two lasagnas, a tray of baked ziti, and we had a birthday cake (for almost twenty guests- only inviting family). The total cost was around fifty dollars. Our second birthday party cost a mere forty bucks (for almost twenty people). I made a French toast soufflé, two egg casseroles, orange juice, and served Krispy Kreme donuts (that I piped blue and pink decorations onto). This was a very inexpensive “cake” because I had a coupon for buy one dozen, get one dozen free. They were a hit with the kids and a candle fit perfectly into the donut. Our third birthday party was also a home party, costing around fifty bucks for everything. We bought two subs from Walmart, a cake from Walmart, and I made a veggie tray, fruit salad, and a pasta salad. This party was hosted outdoors (cutting down on clean-up).

Party number four was a McDonald’s party and the most enjoyable of the bunch. Sixty bucks total and no clean-up for me. The savings of ten dollars seemed minor after having a second child and feeling drained of energy and creativity.

If you are just not a party type of family, that is fine too! Go out to dinner and treat yourself to some birthday freebies by visiting my blog entry and finding every freebie, known to man, that you can cash in on during your special day.

I hope that you will find some time to visit our birthday party directory. If you have a local or national place that you like to have your parties at, please give me a shout out by hitting my comments button. Please do not give me a shout out if you are trying to advertise your personal business. I will be happy to add any company (or work-at-home mom!!) to our directory for a PayPal payment of fifteen dollars to [email protected]. This is a lifetime spot and we will only have one representative listed from each company, so it is first come first serve. I would love to add your services- clowns, mimes, face painters, juggling acts (wait, don’t we all do this?), and other birthday planning services can be included in our list.

Thank you all for your support of our site and all that we do here!

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