Not Today, Please…

UPDATE: Bunny was found!! Only fellow moms could recognize the tragedy we would have faced without him! Thanks for all of your well wishes and I will write more on location in NJ!

Have you seen this bunny anywhere? It appears my daughter has lost, not just one, but BOTH of her bunnies are missing. I have spent the past hour trying to find them- searching the car, checking behind chairs, looking in cupboards. I am supposed to be packing, but there is no way I am going away without a bunny in her arms.

When I find him, I am going to have to figure out how to install a tracking device inside. I wonder if one of those remote finders would fit nicely on the interior of his face? Wow! Never thought I would say that!

One thing you also do not want text messaged to your phone, right before a trip, is this:

“I am starting to think I have shingles.”

Nope, my husband is allergic to penicillin. He made a trip to the doctor’s covered in a fiery rash from head to toe. He is completely miserable, but got a prescription to calm down his reaction.

Oh, and since we are talking about fun events that happened today, here is another great one! I typed up a document called, “Daddy’s Cliff Notes” with all of the things that he asked me to write up for him, all neatly typed in my favorite Georgian font. As I hit, “Save” the screen fades and says, “Microsoft Windows is not responding.” Yup, that document… yeah, it’s gone. Didn’t even save itself to be recovered to make up for being so flaky.

We will see if I actually get to go on this trip after all!

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