No Spend Challenge Day 8: Recovery

I will have to share more about days 6-8 in a separate post since it will require lots of photo editing and captions, but I just returned home from Blissdom ’09 and I had the greatest time with my girlfriends ever.

I will admit it, I worked it hard while I was at Blissdom. There wasn’t a single drop of a moment that was going to be wasted while I was there. I almost didn’t even want to go to sleep and just knock on random doors and see if I could meet more people. There were so many great bloggers there that is hard to even know where to begin, but the friendships I have made are lifetime ones.

The real question is, how did I do on a weekend away from my family on spending? I hang my head and tell you that I did spend money. My grand total for spending was… $10. I almost had made it through the whole weekend on just my little gift cards, but yesterday I started feeling bad midday and knew I would need to eat something before boarding my next flight. I got a sandwich and water that put me into the “spend” category, but I am still really proud. I was one of the lucky ones though- dinner invitations and even a fabulous breakfast out. I can’t wait to share the pictures!

I feel so lucky and so very tired. My dancing shoes wore this girl out. I will admit though that I don’t think I have ever felt quite so confident or free to be me! I was just super proud to be there!

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