No Spend Challenge Day 2: Super Cuts

The boys needed haircuts and luckily I have become quite familiar with a pair of inexpensive Conair clippers. My husband and son each take a seat on my thrifted bench and I give my son a good old-fashioned buzz cut. Next, I work more cautiously on my husband’s hair so he still looks sharp for his job. They both seem happy with their new looks and I tidy up the bathroom that is now covered in hair.

I look forward to the haircuts al fresco to help with the clean-up this summer.

Each time I do this though, I imagine that money all fanned out that I would have had to spend at the Super Cuts, and it makes me feel like a superstar.

Want to be a superstar? You can read my haircutting tips right here. Remember though, these tips don’t come from a professional, but my boys look pretty great!


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