New Year’s Resolution: Better Pictures

Along with my New Year’s Resolution to take a sewing class, I resolve to take better pictures. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman brings some inspiration on acquainting myself with my copy of Photoshop.

Oh, and more photography inspiration…my camera arrived! Thank you all for your most excellent recommendations because this camera ROCKS! I am having a blast with it and can’t wait to share some photos taken with it. We are just getting acquainted, so please bear with me!

Anybody have some hints for a beginner in Photoshop? I gave up on it the last time I tried the program and have been using Picasa since then.

Note to Self: Do not measure flour and talk to husband and make lunches at the same time. We have to call out for pizza because I don’t believe dough is supposed to be a liquid consistency. Perhaps a cooking class might be a good investment?

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