Monday WAHM Spotlight: Life By Design

We would like to congratulate Tonya Ramsey on being chosen as our Monday WAHM for We wish her much success in her business and with her family.

If you are interested in being featured, we will be selecting a mom for each Monday of my blog. You can read more and apply. Email confirmations are sent to each mom if they are chosen.

Please remember to do your own research on these companies. If there are obvious red flags on BBB, I do not post them. Check my scam article to find out more about the potential dangers of work-at-home businesses.

Thank you to Tonya and her WAHM business, Life By Design, for taking the time to apply and be a part of my Monday feature!

Name: Tonya Ramsey

City/State: Beloit, WI

Name of Company: Life By Design

Website Name:

Two or Three Sentences About Your Company:

Life By Design is dedicated to helping working mothers learn how to balance their lives. Through coaching you will get the support you need to move forward by accomplishing your goals.

Two Tips for Moms Trying to Work-At-Home (these tips can be how you stay organized, how to be successful, how to get started- anything that you feel would help someone just starting out):

1. When starting out as a WAHM it may be frustrating because your time is unstructured. You might bounce back and forth between too much work time and not enough work time. Evaluate your day, decide what needs to be done both with work and with your regular family and home responsibilities. Then draw up a schedule, remember this is YOUR schedule you can be as flexible as you need to be as long as all your work and family to-do’s are met each day.

2. Sometimes being a WAHM means empty bottles and stray toys on your desk. By decreasing clutter you will be more productive when it is work time. Have a workspace that is separate and use only for work. At the end of the day remove all stray items that don’t belong. Stay organized by giving everything it’s own place and doing a daily clean up to make sure that items get returned to their place.

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