MomAdvice Simplified: Canceled This Week

I am sorry to say that I am going to have to cancel the podcast for this week because I was not able to secure a speaker for our podcast today. We also are suffering from end-of-the-year craziness in our family with school coming to a close, making my time more limited.

I so enjoy doing these podcasts, but I think it would be best to take a break from the show for the summer. It will be difficult to do these shows with both kids home and my daughter not napping anymore. There is a great deal of work and effort that go into each of these episodes.

If you guys really enjoy this, I can definitely consider picking it back up in the fall when the kids are in school and I am able to devote a little more time to it.

In all honesty, we are trying to enjoy a relatively schedule-free summer and this would free up some time for me to spend with my children this summer. Being a mom is quite the juggling act, isn’t it? I am trying to learn to prioritize my commitments and hanging out with my beautiful kids this summer is #1 on my list. I hope you understand!

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