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We were experiencing some technical difficulties with our forum this weekend, but we are up and rolling again. We apologize for the delay and hope that everyone can get back to chatting.

I had blogged about hitting the discount day at the Field Museum today, but we had a change in plans. We will be doing this another day because I have an unexpected trip coming up to San Francisco this weekend. The gals over at Divine Caroline are flying me out to see their office and enjoy a weekend with everyone from their advisory counsel. I will be leaving on Thursday and will try to continue blogging while I am gone, but we will probably not have a Freebie Friday this week since I will be traveling. We traded our museum day for a weekend away for just me so I am very excited about my trip alone. I will be returning late on Saturday evening. Please pray for my husband who will be with the kids alone for his first weekend without me! I am sure they will be fine, but I know it is hard.

When I return on Monday, I have a big interview with CBS Early Show! I am not sure when this will be airing, but I will let you all know so that you can watch it. They will be doing a piece on work-at-home scams, and I was contacted since I had personal experience with it and now am doing a work-at-home business that also helps educate women on scams and true work-at-home ideas. This will be my first national television appearance so I am extremely excited and REALLY nervous.

Thanks so much for all of your continued support!

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