Life… Under Construction

Renovations are going on and my life is resembling nothing of itself since this started. I have never been more out of schedule with exercise, reading, eating, living, wanting to be alone more, or further off budget with our eating plans.

Everything is covered in a film of drywall and I have been writing SOS messages in the dust on my furniture.

I am told that this will be almost all done  on Friday. Minor things will need to be done the week following, but we will have a few little things happening this week… like… floors.

I am so thankful the crew is running on time and under our budget. My continuous rants about not having a single dollar extra to pay them must have worked.

I am grateful to friends who let us crash their houses all day and all evening, family who helped us survive the weekends by letting us stay there, and my husband who must be questioning my sanity every day when he comes home to me this last week.

I don’t know how people survive this longer than two weeks. Despite my posts planned on, “how to survive a renovation,” the only advice I can offer is, “Expect the unexpected and go with the flow.”

I am officially the crazy lady in her pajamas drinking dusty coffee and talking about how  tight money is all of the time.

At least I wear my pajamas with chic boots to avoid touching the plywood flooring.

We welcome our old life back soon!

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