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Mothers could be drawn out of home by job market
Analysis says highly educated stay-at-home moms are a great match for booming job market…Read More

Tips for Reducing Shipping Costs When Selling Your Stuff
Shipping costs are increasing. As they are one of the key disciplines of being an profitable eBay seller, here are some tips to help you maximize profits…Read More

50-year Mortgage Hits the Market
Lenders have begun offering a half-century home loan as incentive in face of record-high home prices, rising interest rates, report says…Read More

Everything’s Negotiable- Buying a Car
Between financing and haggling over price, buying a new car can be a complicated and daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be…Read More

Lending Kids a Financial Hand
Getting their financial footing can be tough for young adults when first starting out. It’s OK for parents to offer their support — but how much is appropriate? Read More

How to Sell Gymboree on Ebay- The Truth
This is an old post that I ran across on selling clothing on Ebay. I have always wondered how the world of Ebay works. This lovely lady is sharing her Gymboree selling secrets…for free. No e-book, no hidden fees…just the cold hard truth…Read More

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