Knitting: My First Blanket

I know that I am supposed to be working on my first hat, but some happy news from my best friend changed my knitting plans. She found out that she is having her first boy and I couldn’t wait to put my knitting skills to good use and make her a blue baby blanket.

I originally had the intention of knitting my first pattern, but we are planning a visit in a couple of weeks (she lives in St. Louis) and so I need to work a little faster to have it ready in time. Considering how long it takes me to figure out a pattern, the blanket would probably be ready by the time he was thirteen. I figured the simple garter stitch would be the way to go.

I know, it isn’t as impressive, but my girlfriend doesn’t knit so I think she will be impressed with my modest efforts. It is funny though, if you would have asked me last month if I would be able to knit a blanket, I would have laughed. Now I am knitting a blanket and am embarrassed that I am choosing garter stitch. Kind of funny how quickly one can blow their hobbies out of proportion, which is probably why I give up on things so easily…I am always trying to outdo MYSELF.

I wish the colors of the yarn showed up better in this picture- it is blue and has flecks of green through it. The yarn is so soft, but nice and warm for the winter. I hope I can get it done in time for our visit. Three skeins of yarn- one down…two to go!

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