It’s The 3 Little Things: Word to the Mother, Positivity, & Workout Gear


It must be Friday and time for our 3 Little Things that are making me happy this week!  I am actually pretty impressed that I remembered to do this since we are on Spring Break and completely off schedule. Truth be told, one thing that made me awfully happy was not having to get up at 5:45 to get my son on the bus each day. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?


The Daily Positive

I discovered a site called The Daily Positive and decided to sign up for their daily email that offers a positive thought each morning. Over my coffee in the morning, I read the daily positive and it has really helped me start my day on a better foot. This week some of the takeaways were reminders to utilize my time more wisely, to be an unsung hero for others, and a gentle reminder about my social media addiction. There is usually some awesome video element to it and the words are short and to the point. Head here and sign up for your own daily positive thought and see if it doesn’t change your outlook a bit!

Here is one of the videos that was shared that touched me deeply. This is the kind of stuff that reminds you what life is all about and starts your day in a positive way.


Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

I kept reading about Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and the enormous health benefits of it and decided to give it a try after I read this article.  I can’t tell you how much I am loving this stuff and how much it has helped me with my energy levels, my low blood sugar issues, and also helping me feel more full which has been a big issue for me since I cut gluten out of my diet.  I add two teaspoons of this vinegar to a glass of ice water and drink it through a straw. You can add sweeteners (like honey or liquid stevia), spices (like cinnamon or cayenne pepper), but I love acidic things so I just drink it plain with just water, and it has fixed my midday slumps like nothing else I have tried.

There are many health claims about what apple cider vinegar can offer.  Rather than fad claims though, check out this article on WebMD about the true benefits of it. What it has done for me, personally, is that my stomach feels much calmer (particularly if I eat things that I shouldn’t), I no longer have those terrible drops in my blood sugar, and it makes my stomach feel full (which can definitely help you if you are trying to lose weight).

Whatever you choose, it must say WITH THE MOTHER, not anything else. THE MOTHER is what you need for all these enormous health benefits.

The Mother is making me happy.

Word to her.


New-To-Me Workout Gear

Getting new workout clothes makes me happy, but the price tag on things you sweat in is absolutely ridiculous. I try to buy one or two really good workout pieces each year and then rely on inexpensive stuff from Old Navy to get me  by from week to week.  I am super psyched though that Twice is now offering workout gear.  It hasn’t shown up on their homepage as a category yet, but those scrolling pictures clue you in that they are now offering workout clothes. I got three new workout tops that were about the same price as I pay for my Old Navy gear, but it is fancy-schmancy brands like Lululemon, Lucy, & Nike.

So now you can be all Fancy Pants at the gym like everyone else, but your pants are less than half price.

And that’s something worth celebrating!

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