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Well, I am just overwhelmed! I appreciate all of the feedback and it meant so much to me that people left comments. I was having one of those kind of days. You know, one of THOSE days, where nothing seemed to be going right.

I have loved all of the responses as it does challenge me to think more about how to handle things and what you guys are enjoying and not enjoying. We are hoping to relocate the Product Reviews, but these things take some time. Please understand that this is in the works to be a separate blog. I don’t ever want there to be confusion about honesty and trust among my readership and myself. I always try to be honest in my reviews of products and I always disclose that the products were given me to try and share with others. I do try to include snippets from the product sites to try and explain the workings behind or the history behind the products and a link to the company. My impression of the products will always be my honest opinions on them. There have been products I have really liked and some that were just plain bad. That is just part of sharing my reviews and the companies know this when they send the products to me.

As for money exchanging hands, there is not ever any money changing hands between myself and these companies. The advertisements on our website are what helps to support and pay our bills. When you visit the advertisements, we receive money. When you view a web page, we receive money. I work really, really hard and in order for this to be beneficial for us, we have to make some profits.

Affiliations do arise and I try to be upfront about those as well. When we are affiliated with a company, we receive a small amount of money by referring people to that company. I have and only will promote companies that I really like and that I believe will save you money. You will never see me throwing around company names just to get the money in my pocket. I can only recall two companies that I have ever really promoted an affiliation with, despite many requests from companies for those partnership opportunities.

In order for this particular Month of Savings series to work though, there will be links to other sites and I will have to feature other sites to try and show you ways to save. It is not because I receive money from this companies. Just like my obsession with Aldi and other great companies out there, I don’t get anything for sharing my love for these stores or sites. I just am passionate about sharing things that work in our life. That is part of being a blogger- sharing my opinions with everyone!

Thanks again- without you, these opportunities would not be possible!

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