Festival of Frugality #24

This is my absolute favorite day because I get to share the Festival of Frugality with all of you. The lovely librarian over at Tired But Happy is hosting this week and there are lots of goodies in store for everyone.

My top three picks for this week-

Young and Broke shares some really great tips on finding some super cheap wine. Her favorites just happen to be a few of our own favorites and are definitely worth taking a peek at. I just wish we could take advantage of the wine at Trader Joes, but unfortunately we don’t have a store near us (hopefully someday!). To save more money, check your local warehouse stores for some sweet deals on wine. If you haven’t read the book on warehouse shopping (I refer to it as a book now considering how big that article turned out), I would highly recommend it.

The Family CEO strikes again sharing her own savings site reviews. Lots of great information on how to take advantage of these sites and what they reward their customers with. Check my blog entry on MyPoints too for how I get my coffee for free.

Last but not least, Free Money Finance shares one simple way you can reduce your bills…drop your cable. He shares the savings and shows how the price consistently rises on cable television.

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