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I know, I am supposed to be on vacation, but I had to tell you guys that the Walmart Money Saving Moms site is up. I was so excited to see that my Choosing a Coffeemaker video is up on their homepage- how cool is that? I have been chatting with all of the folks from Walmart and one of the bonuses for this project will be that I can get an early glimpse into the freebies that they will be offering on their site for our readers. I was really excited about that and being able to get the scoop for everyone! There will be some other great perks for our readers including giveaways and other wonderful opportunities so I hope to share all I can from this project with each of you.

Thank you all for your help in choosing my picture. You can find my profile is up and I went with the majority on this one and picked #10. I loved all of your comments and I am sure you will see these pictures floating around for everything now. Thanks again to Cathy Dietz for her amazing photography and to Walmart for footing the bill for my photo shoot!

In other news, we are running an amazing giveaway that you can enter for a gift pack of ten books from Hachette Book Group USA. All you have to do is tell me your favorite book, but you have to go here to enter!

We were also nominated for a Love This Site! award from Divine Caroline for the Parenting category. If you agree, would you mind just clicking once to put you vote in? I would so appreciate it!

Now I am officially back on vacation until tomorrow for our Freebie Friday!

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