Eat Better America

General Mills has started a new site called Eat Better America, where they are trying to encourage people, of all walks of life, to begin taking care of themselves and their bodies by making better food choices.

The website has sections dedicated towards fitness, eating well, & a community section.

Their recipe section includes specific recipes for heart health, diabetes, weight management, & vitality. Not only can you utilize their recipes, but you can also submit your own recipe that you would like them to “healthify.” Some of the recipes that are already included are healthy recipes for French toast, lasagna, and macaroni & cheese.

As a mom, I try to encourage my children to make healthy food choices. Some of the snacks that we keep on hand in our house are:

Carrot sticks
Wheat crackers
Trail mix
Granola Bars
Cheese Sticks
Cereal Bars

What are some snacks that you keep on hand for your children? How do you make eating fun in your house? Please share by leaving me a comment!

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