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Do you enjoy writing short stories about being a mom? Do you have a desire to put pen to paper and share what is on your heart as a woman? I would love to direct all of the aspiring & accomplished women writers out there to submit your story to Divine Caroline.

When I began the blog, I had intended to share a more real side to me as a mother. I love sharing stories about my children and the day-to-day drudgery of motherhood. Unfortunately, privacy has become more of a concern and sharing more about saving money seemed the way to go. I felt as though I had lost a creative outlet for myself so I was so thrilled when the ladies of Divine Caroline contacted me and asked if I would be among their trusted advisors in launching their site. I had agreed, but the concept was very hush-hush at the time and I had no idea what I was actually agreeing to.

I got the opportunity to meet one of their founding ladies and she was just as genuine and lovely in person as she was through email. She shared with me that they wanted to start a site where EVERY woman could share their story. Every woman has a story- heartbreak, love lost, love gained, children born, struggles and triumphs…this site offers the type of format where you can freely share these types of stories.

If you are interested in sharing your story, or reading the story of other great writers, please visit DivineCaroline.com for more information. We thank Divine Caroline for giving us the opportunity to share & contribute towards the launching of their new site!

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Amy Allen Clark is the founder of MomAdvice.com. You can read all about her here.

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