Discounted Museum Day: Field Museum

This is the only museum admission we will be paying for this summer, but for a little boy who sleeps, eats and breathes dinosaurs, it is totally worth it! We couldn’t be more excited to take him to this museum and I think he and his dad are going to love it!

The Field Museum (in Chicago) is offering discount days, where you can go to the museum for a reduced rate. Normal admission prices, which include their Platinum Package gaining access into everything, is $22 per adult and $11 per child. For their discount days, we will get access into everything for $12 per adult and $7 per child.

We usually bypass the extra features and just go for the general admission passes, but we really want him to get to see everything in the museum this time. The Platinum Pass entitles you entry into Underground Adventure and Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries plus SUE, Evolving Planet (which requires a separate timed-entry ticket) and Inside Ancient Egypt as well as exhibitions on many different cultures, mammals, birds, gems, minerals, and plants! We would really like for him to experience all of the dinosaur exhibits and since the tickets are discounted, we are going to splurge on this one!

The even better news is that Emily’s grandmother offered to keep her for the day so that Ethan can enjoy a day with just the two of us. We are looking forward to spending some special time with him and getting to really focus on him having a great time. This is his day and we want to make it extra special for him.

Discount days to the museum are June 17-22 this summer so if you are in the area, you might want to take advantage of the lower prices!

We will still be taking the train during the times that our son can ride for free and will be packing a big lunch and snacks for us to enjoy while we are there. I am still trying to keep the trip budget-friendly, but we are splurging for the extra features since we will be there!

SOUND OFF: Has anyone been to this museum before? Anything to avoid? Any favorite parts?

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