Deal Alert- Vitamin Shoppe & Starbucks

I had to run over to the Vitamin Shoppe today to restock up on my vitamins. As I have discussed before, I made the decision to switch to herbal supplements versus my prescription drugs to help with some of my health issues, and I am having great success with it. I do try to buy good quality vitamins though and have found that the the store brand from the Vitamin Shoppe really has worked well for my needs. I had run out of the vitamins I took so I headed over there to stock up. Lucky me, they are running their semi-annual sale on their store brand vitamins. There are four days left to stock up. It is a buy one get one 50% off deal and they have a huge selection to choose from. I just thought I would share in case anyone else takes a lot of supplements- it is an excellent deal for the money. I might go back to get more and take advantage of their promotion. Online orders have free shipping if you spend $99 or more. I don’t get a cut, I promise, just wanted to help out some other families!

Another thing that I noticed today, as I was getting our Starbucks card ordered for our winner, is that Starbucks is offering new features for registered gift card users. When you use a registered card you can now- get free milk or syrup options, brewed coffee refills at no charge, and they will give you a free tall coffee beverage with the purchase of a bag of their whole bean coffee. If you have a card, somewhere deep in that wallet, it might be worth your time to register it to take advantage of some member perks. I was not aware that they were offering these things so I wanted to share!

Now no mommies on here can complain about lack of energy with coffee perks and vitamin deals- you will have all the energy you need…maybe just for today.

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