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Yesterday my husband’s parents called and asked if they could watch the kids for us so that we could have a night out. Do they even have to ask? We couldn’t take them up on the offer fast enough as there is never a time when we feel like we can’t use a little alone time.

We headed over there, with the kids in tow, and they gave us a bag of Valentine’s Day goodies. There were a pair of pajamas for my daughter, a really nice shirt for our son, and then an envelope for us. In it was tucked some money for our night out. That means we got a dinner out and babysitting services for free! What an amazing gift!

Somehow when we get a night out to ourselves though, we end up spending the entire evening talking about the kids. What can I say? They are the light of our lives and we love them to pieces. Unfortunately, someday we are going to be older and our children will have their own lives and we will have to find some new dinner conversations.

I decided to try something new last night so that we wouldn’t be sucked in by the talk of diapers, time outs, and who got up at what time. Instead I leaned over across the table and said…

“Greatest movie ever?”


“I said, greatest movie ever?”

He answered the question and then leaned in…

“Best childhood memory?”

The evening just went from there. I have been with this man since we were teenagers. I thought I knew everything that I could ever know about him. Imagine my surprise when I discovered even more things about my husband. We sat there for a long time and just asked each other questions.

Need a dinner conversation that doesn’t involve the discussion about poop consistencies? I highly recommend giving this a try. It was one of the best date nights ever!

Thanks, mom & dad!

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