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Today we got a mention on the MSN Money Blog, run by Donna Freedman, for my contribution towards Frugal Hacks last week. Her post entitled, “Frugality is Not a Competition” also questioned the need to beat each other up on forums and within chat communities for not being frugal enough. We thank Donna for including us and all of the other amazing bloggers who mentioned our piece. We saw a nice ripple in our community and we are thankful to have been part of that!

Lucky for us, we were also added to a new feed aggregate created by the infamous Guy Kawasaki. Guy has included us before in his Ultimate Mommy Blog list. Now he has created a place where you can view all the top sites in all different genres. His site makes it easier to see and view the latest entries for all of the top sites for every kind of category from gaming to celebrities to cars all on one page. The site is called Alltop and you can find us in the Mom category.

Thanks to everyone who has been so instrumental in making our site a success- we couldn’t do it without you!

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