Big Give: The Big Give is Delivered

We are happy to share with our readers that all of the items were delivered today to Faith Mission. We are also proud to say that the donations to our shelter made the front page news of the Elkhart Truth. The paper was able to make it over to shelter as the appliances were being unloaded from the truck which was a big moment for their new space. We are very thankful to Kenmore for making sure the donations arrived there safe and sound. We promise to upload some video footage soon of our donation.

This is an example of how we have been living for the past two weeks as we have gathered all of the donations for the shelter. It is hard to show in pictures what all of this looked like, but what you can definitely see is that we were able to pull of quite a donation.

If you are still interested in giving, we are still taking collections for Faith Mission through the end of December. Our grand total so far is valued at approximately $9,000! What a feat in just one short month!

The One Dollar Give

How can you give? Well, Faith Mission & the MomAdvice Big Give are highlighted today in The One Dollar Give. Head over there and learn more about what just one dollar can do for these residents and how you can help make a difference to the cause. You can visit this site each day and see a newly featured charity for the holidays.

I do have a few special people that I would like to thank for their help this month:

Ginger– It all began with you and your box of mittens. Your outpouring of support made my nervousness disappear in those first few days.

Charrise– for offering your wise words to me each week and offering me the business coaching I needed to make this a success.

Pam– for being my sweet online friend who I now have finally met personally. Thank you for supplying us with the bags we needed for our kits.

Becky– for bringing a lasagna to me so our family actually ate one homecooked meal this past week.

Kathy– for driving all over town to get us the toothbrushes and toothpastes that I did not have for the kits.

Kathy– for believing in me and rallying everyone you know to believe in me too.

My Husband– for always supporting my dreams, no matter how grand they are.

Our Family– Your continued support and pride for me is the greatest gift you could give me.

My Readers– Without your support, I know I could not have done this. Thank you for loving my site so much that you would become attached to my projects and want to see them come into fruition.

Video footage coming soon…

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