Be Mine, Sweet Valentine!

Yesterday we made our Valentines for my son’s class. I was originally going to do a more organized and cute craft, but ended up just letting Ethan draw and make his own special pictures for each friend.

No Valentine is complete without a heart sucker! Each Valentine lovingly made for his classmates- sixteen in total!

Don’t get jealous, but this is my little Valentine! She looked so sweet in her pretty red dress. We had to go to her brother’s Valentine’s Day party for school so we needed to look our best! Off to school we go for a special party!

We distributed our little cards to all of our friends and teachers. We were so excited to share what we had made. Paper construction hearts filled to the brim with treats and sweet notes from our friends. What is not to love about this holiday?

A plate full of treats for all of the kids. A thoughtful mommy brought extra so the siblings could have their own plate.

Emily was so happy to have her own little plate of goodies and didn’t waste any time diving in. The Little Debbie heart-shaped brownies were a huge hit with all the children.

Not Pictured: The crying and wailing of both the children as we left the party. Ethan had a sudden and severe bellyache from all of his treats and Emily was upset because she had to leave all of the fun toys behind. Mommy questioned whether it was too early to pop open the wine or if Daddy would notice half of the bottle gone when he got home for their private Valentine’s Day celebration. Let’s just it was not all heart-shaped brownies and suckers…but isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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