Amy’s Notebook 12.21.16


source: the beauty department

5-minute hair for the holidays. I’m in!

Moscow reindeer cocktails– sign me up!

These tweets about cleaning are hilariously true (especially right now!).

So happy to see that this is your favorite article this month– I knew I had great readers!

The top Pinterest home style trends of 2016– I love them all!

I’m glad to hear that fake news will now be flagged.

A professional organizer’s advice for staying organized around the holidays. Lots of thoughtful tips in here!


10 Simple Ways to Say No

source: be more with less

10 simple ways to help you say no– what a great reminder in this upcoming year. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, start using this tactic.

I love seeing what people are adding to next year’s reading stacks. You can participate in her reading challenge over here.

How about THIS for the a minimalist home tour. Such a great and needed reminder!

Homemade Irish Cream in just 5 minutes!

I just finished this book yesterday and I can’t rave enough. READ IT RIGHT NOW!

A best of 2016 books list with some rather unique picks!

Bookmarking these sweet & simple holiday decorating ideas for next year.

4 liquid eyeliner internet hacks– hilariously tested and results shared! I won’t lie, I’m terrified of it!

I’ll have to remember these faux garland greenery touches to make it look more real.

Pan Seared Salmon With Roasted Vegetables

source: joy the baker

This looks like a healthy & easy one bowl meal.

I love reading about what it would be like to attend the White House holiday party.

Thankful for these cozy boots this winter- even at negative twenty, my feet were toasty warm! Bonus, deeply discounted this week!

I love these tips and results of painting over wood trim and doors. So stylish!

Swooning over this staircase wall update– what a difference!

10 books to inspire your children to embrace a minimalist attitude.

Bookmarking this delicious snickerdoodle recipe. They are my husband’s favorite!

This woman is a genius.

Looking to join a book club this year? Hurry on over and join for our next year of book club selections!

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