Amy’s Notebook 12.20.17

Design Mom Book Fireplacesource

A home filled with books is my kind of home.

I love this trick for perfect cut-out cookies.

This 15-minute microwave caramel corn recipe looks like a fun & easy treat.

Looking forward to watching this documentary and this documentary series over the holidays!

Master a beautiful bow for those gifts under the tree.

This list of the 10 best movies of 2017 gives me ideas for our next movie night.

I treated myself to this skirt for the holidays & this faux fur vest– I can’t wait to wear it!

Loved this list of six surprising secrets of a hair stylist– especially that tip for wearing winter hats.

The loss of Phillip Seymour and the devastation of addiction– so tragic.

If you own one thing- let it be this. A beautiful reminder!

Cheese Ball for Christmassource

Wow your dinner guests with this beautiful Christmas Tree Cheese Ball.

I’ve been enjoying this book as I prepare for the holidays.

This year has been rough… how about these hopeful images of 2017 to remind us of the good.

Did I mention we celebrated a birthday yesterday? Check out this trick I tried for making frosting a less messy experience!

And this was the birthday girl’s cake request this year- it was a hit.

How sweet is this adoption story?

Are you over multitasking? Check out this advice for more focused work by single-tasking.

Here’s how to REALLY thank the black women that voted Roy Moore out of office.

neighbor gift ideasource

What a cute neighbor gift idea!

Bookmarking these genius recipes for our menu planner- yum.

I want to make up a batch of this holiday treat to drink.

I feel like this has been the year of finding my true self. Uncomfortable? Yup! Good? Absolutely!

What was learned from not saying how busy you are for 40 days. I need to work on this one!

My hair is so dry, I’m looking forward to indulging in this beauty diy for my hair this winter.

This would make a great family gift, wouldn’t it?

This is going on my birthday wish list.

Bookmarking this list of the best television shows of the year– be sure to read the comments on this one!

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