Amy’s Notebook 11.29.17

snowball bath bombssource

These snowball bath bombs look like a wonderful gift to share this holiday season.

Are you a podfaster too?

Looking forward to digging into this promising series next week.

Here is a list of 101 books you can look forward to in 2018!

Speaking of books, this book is absolutely incredible. Historical fiction fans won’t want to miss this one!

I’ve also listening to this one– it is pretty darn cute!

Did you know you shouldn’t store your cheese in plastic? I will have to try this tip!

Who else is excited about this second season?

The 13 questions that lead to divorce– hahaha!

“All those years, telling you not to speak Navajo, and then to turn around and ask us for help with that same language…. It still kind of bothers me.” I was unaware of the Navajo code talkers until recently- this is a great piece on all they did for our country.

The only ways to stop haters from ruining your life.

leather & dowel laddersource

This diy leather ladder would be perfect for getting organized in the morning.

I’ve got my eye on this faux fiddle leaf plant for our home.

I couldn’t believe how awesome this was and all the people involved. What a great birthday gift!

A bit morbid, but a lot to think about- the act of death cleaning.

Hoopla users will be happy to hear about their expansion.

A few great audiobooks for your upcoming holiday drives.

“True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.”- THIS!

Stranger Things + Sesame Street– this had my kids rolling!

What a gorgeous free holiday printable.

You know what season it is? It’s the month of nonstop listening to this.

Looking for some FRESH Christmas music? Try this playlist!


Have you tried doing an at-home gel manicure before? This had some great tips!

Print out our FREE Advent Calendar! These were such a hit last year with our readers!

Speaking of nails, I bought this (don’t forget the top coat!) and it held up almost an entire week with zero chips.

11 signs you have been abused by a malignant narcissist.

Did you see that this was back?

I always find her holiday decorating so inspiring.

Speaking of fake trees, we bought this one (it already dropped $20 this week!!) and I’m IN LOVE! I took a pic if you want to take a peek!

What an adorable family tradition.

22 books on Reese Witherspoon’s must-read list. So proud to have 10 of these under my belt!

I can’t wait to make these for a gluten-free holiday treat!

Are you going to any fancy holiday parties? I found this styling post helpful.

I’ve decided I need to dig into this show.

For the brow obsessed!

A quick way to spot fake news.

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