Amy’s Notebook 11.18.15

Mug pumpkin pie via Shutterbean

Source: Shutterbean


Pumpkin pie in a mug– genius.

What an elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Up your productivity with these 10 apps.

How to host “Friendsgiving”– one of my favorite things to do with good friends!

Day to night in 5 minutes flat. Inspired!

A framework for gratitude– such a beautiful way to honor your family.

The best foods to donate to food banks during the holidays.

Oh, how I love Charlie Brown.

Simple Living via No Sidebar

Source: No Sidebar


Be inspired with these 11 simple living resources.

This is my kind of Guns ‘n Roses.

Perfectly plaited.

Or try a two-minute twist.

I printed this for my home and it is perfect.

4 uses for drapes other than windows.

Fall packing mini capsule wardrobe– inspired!

Do you love a highly creative person? Check out these 20 things to help you better connect with them.

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