Amy’s Notebook 11.04.15

Thanksgiving dessert toppers via Oh Happy Day

Source: Oh Happy Day


Adorable Thanksgiving dessert toppers.

The plot twist: e-book sales slip.

Nancie McDermott soups and stews meal plan.

Making your web content game way strong.

I practice simple living but I still love my stuff.

Rotini with butternut-sage sauce. Yum!!

Horseshoe braid– beautiful & looks easy!

8 memoirs to read.

Brown-bag lunch strategies for grown-ups.

Why successful people are adopting capsule wardrobes.

DIY painted cat nails– adorable!

Books to Inspire via Shutterbean

Source: Shutterbean


Books to inspire you.

24 productive things successful people do with the first hour of their day.

27 moms who are trolls at heart– made me laugh!

On a plate.

How to get over comparing yourself to other creatives.

An average Saturday morning: with kids vs. without kids.

Could you live on half your income? These people do.


Netflix is reviving ‘Gilmore Girls.’

4 artists you need to know.

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