Amy’s Notebook 11.02.18


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How gorgeous are these ornament vases? I would have never thought to use these for that!

A cheap and simple way to upcycle jars. So smart!

Did you see what launched! OMG!

I love seeing the evolution of her style.

Okay, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

This pattern might just have me busting out my knitting needles again.

Here are some fun recipes to do with your leftover Halloween candy.


I love a good carbonara and this butternut squash carbonara recipe looks so delicious for fall!

4 things to do to get ready to vote in the midterms.

30 soup and stew recipes to bookmark for these cooler months.

This was your favorite purchase this week. They look so stylish and comfortable!

10 thrillers with supernatural twists that may surprise you.

Speaking of books, here are 10 life-changing books to add to your book stack.

All the motivation you need to simplify your life. This really spoke to me this week!

Do you do this?

I’m thinking this would make a great holiday gift for the ladies in my life.

This was very inspiring this week.

Reading and loving this book this week.


How gorgeous are these macrame feathers?

What a simple and polished ponytail.

It is puzzle season and I’m starting with this one. Try this DIY for your puzzles too- you’ll thank me!

Adding these to my Christmas wish list.

How gratitude fixed my relationship with Instagram.

A few fall layering tips. I’ve never seen a jacket under a vest, but I like it!

But you don’t look sick. #storyofmylife

How you really should be measuring success. Good advice!

This made me laugh.

Ready to start watching Christmas movies? This Netflix Christmas movie list might help.

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