Amy’s Notebook 10.03.18


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Korean beef nachos? I’m IN!!

14 simple ways to decorate your home for fall.

Adding this dip to our next board game night plans.

A very simple rule for living. Love this!

What will you do when you age.

This was your favorite purchase in this week’s small-budget crushes. So cute!

Famous writers and their cats. This just makes me happy!

The best scary movies to watch in October. YASSS! #favoriteseason

What a creative idea- how to make a mental health shelf.


How to print large images for a gallery wall. I love this!

17 unpopular things people with chronic illnesses do. So true.

I can’t wait to hear what you have been reading from this list!

9 books to renew your activism if you’re feeling hopeless right now.

One of the best post I have seen on making the post of small space homes.

I adore the bow on the back of this.

This piece was fascinating. Since we live in a small town, I have always been curious about these places.

I want to diy a blanket ladder for our house.


Love this free printable autumn to-do list.

Planning to mix up some of these blends for my diffuser for fall.

I’m reading this book and loving it right now.

I’m wowed by these libraries from around the world.

I have some lanterns in my garage that I need to put to work for fall.

Speaking of diffusers, I love this inexpensive one that I use.

20 easy fall outfits.

Screenless Saturdays– something to think about.

Time & money wasters– these are both categories that I could use some work on.

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