Amy’s Notebook 09.06.17

Chickpea Shawarma Bowlssource

These chickpea shawarma bowls look like a delicious and healthy lunch option.

This is so perfectly stated– I wish I could share this with everyone I love in our life right now.

Why we fell for clean eating– very interesting perspective!

Looking for your next great thriller? I read this one this week and it is fantastic!

A few tips for handling an out of control inbox. Um, yeah, I needed those!

Now this looks like a fabulous item to keep stocked in the freezer for nights we are craving takeout.

10 documentaries to dig into this weekend. These are some of my favorite couch date nights with my hubby!

Speaking of things to watch, I’m all about this one!

DIY Bath Caddysource

This looks like an easy DIY bath tray for a little extra reading time!

“That in the end, success won’t be measured by academic performance or job placement. It will have more to do with accumulating small pleasures and filling your life with those…Your future should look like the best parts of your present.” Yup, I’m crying- I needed to read this today.

These sleeves are everything!

Have you heard of the one-touch method? I’d like to try this!

This is a devastating and honest read.

Switch up your denim game this season with these six fun options. I’m discovering the beauty in a good jumpsuit!

Wow, I would have never thought of this as a sheet pan meal– yum!

Ten style tips for the month of September.

Such beautiful life lessons from one of my favorites. It makes me long for a sabbatical.

Paleo Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipesource

This paleo vegan pumpkin spice latte looks like a healthy way to sip my fall favorite.

What a great bra guide for women.

Want to really enjoy the fall foliage this fall? Check out this guide!

Wow, this is some exciting news for wine-lovers. Oh, and this too– dang!

I love seeing other people’s capsule wardrobe journeys unfold.

‘‘I would say that Teen Vogue has as much right to be at the table, talking about politics, as every young woman does in America right now.’’ What an incredible profile piece and I love watching the fresh direction the magazine is taking.

This might be a fun Saturday tradition with our kids! #throwbacksaturday

I think I could handle this microwavable breakfast idea.

I’m thinking about this equation today.

Americans have given up on public schools and that’s a mistake.

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