Amy’s Notebook 08.11.10

Sorry, friends for the abbreviated notebook this week. It takes me all week to pull these entries together and rather than blogging this weekend, I was spending it in NYC at BlogHer ’10 instead. I came home with a killer cold, kicked it in high gear to do back-to-school shopping, and am now trying to play catch-up on real-life business and online business…

Oh,  and did I mention that I am also preparing for a cooking contest in Chicago for Kenmore on Friday? If you are in Chicago, you are cordially invited to be my guest! You can virtually vote for me too through Twitter if you are feeling generous too. No pressure though! I feel weird about asking for votes.

I may be tired from doing a little too much dancing too.  Yeah, I have a tendency to party like a rock star and then suffer the consequences later.  I shall live without regrets and dance like no one is watching. Plenty of funny video footage was recorded for my husband, but I won’t torture you all with the evidence.

The city life really suits me though. I love, love, love New York City. I was in heaven! I soaked up every moment of the big city life and flew back to my sweet small town and the beautiful people that make my world go round.

Happy reading, wonderful friends!!


I am going to be printing and decorating all sorts of things with these free printable vintage decals (@ Just Something I Made)

This is a great tutorial for making homemade fruit leather (@ Bloom, Bake, & Create)

I am going to make one of these wipe off weekly menu boards (@ Make & Takes)

I like these 20 back-to-school projects (@ the long thread)

I need to use this tutorial to dry my fresh herbs from the garden (@ Salsa Pie)

I love these beautifully monogrammed place settings (@ Lemon Tree Creations)

This idea for documenting a family trip made me giggle (@ How Does She?)

This DIY lace ruffled shirt is adorable! (@ Tea Rose Home)

I love this post on what to do with leftover baby food (@ alpha mom)

This watermelon tuxedo tank is adorable (@ Making it My Own)

These little crocheted hair bows would be a cute back-to-school accessory (@ Happy Together)

I am in love with this big-as-life board game (@ Craftzine)

This little fabric flower accessory would be a cute embellishment to add to a necklace (@ Candace Creations)

This roadkill rescued book rack transformation is stunning! (@ infarrantly creative)

I found my next Bunco party theme- white trash party, baby! (@ Prudent Baby)

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