Amy’s Notebook 08.09.17

Grilled Caprese Zucchinisource

This grilled caprese zucchini looks like a great way to put summer produce to work.

What happens when you say, “call me,” in response to emails you receive.

I think you should read this.

Now this is a ruffle sleeve I can get behind.

Love the addition of Greek yogurt to yield a juicier turkey burger– must try!

This bad habit is the reason why you can’t focus. I loved this passage, “Much like slow food, slow living is the world’s response to fast living, and its gospel encourages finding enjoyment outside of online life, urging participants to take the time to truly consider their relationships with others and the world around them. As the movement grows, FOMO is inspiring an opposite reaction of its own: FOBO – fear of burning out.”

Turn a bottle of rosé into four weeknight meals.

I love peeking at what other people are reading this summer. I added a few of these books to my library wish list!

Why not just give people money? I’m a big fan of no-strings attached giving.

Tiny House Kitchen


This tiny house kitchen is dreamy. I refuse to give up on my tiny house dreams!

Are you an HSP too? I could identify almost 100% with these.

20 dinner ideas you can prep & make-ahead on Sunday.

Love this idea for this app– LOL!

Excited to finally dig into this read– it looks like a fantastic escape.

My husband has strong feelings about this font.

How to quickly become happier with these ten tips.

Want to add a little style to your bookshelves? I found this post really inspiring.

Paper Chain Wall Hanging


Do you remember making paper chains in school? This is the coolest paper chain display I’ve ever seen.

Want to raise kind kids? Check out this idea!

How to throw away the memories our kids leave behind– love the bin idea for time to process.

Really geeking out about this movie news.

I loved hearing your tips on this topic. Sometimes just hearing, “me too,” brings relief, doesn’t it?

I’m agreeing with with a lot of these selections on the best books of 2017 (so far!).

I am always on the hunt for the perfect white tee- what a great guide!

I still have a few of these tucked away from my note exchanges with my hubby. Just might need to pick that habit back up!

Let black kids just be kids– a compelling piece I shared with my family this week.

I really need to pick up a tea habit. I did not know the benefits of this tea.

We are starting to get quite the hat collection over here so I loved this diy hat rack for small spaces.

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