Amy’s Notebook 08.08.18

DIY Bath Traysource

This diy bath tray looks easy to make and inexpensive to execute.

How to water the plants while you are away– genius!

Oh, I do love the calm of everything as it should be. Looking forward to trimming some excess after the summer months.

I had deep depression about this when I got of school, buried under this crippling debt. This post speaks beautifully to this burden.

What happens when a stranger decides to destroy your life. This is CRAZY.

10 better than takeout recipes that I can’t wait to try.

Dreaming of that Airstream life? Check out this incredible makeover.

Starting to scope this site out for another round of fall faves.

Here are 13 new books to put on your summer reading list.

OMG. This is SO my husband & I- hahaha!

To every male author who compared writing a manuscript to birthing a baby. What a clever comparison!

New additions to this gorgeous line– yay!

Creamy Garlic Herb Salmonsource

Oh, I can’t wait to add this creamy lemon herb salmon dish to our menu planner.

Whoa. This recipe looks like a great way to cool down.

Back in the dating game? Here is a list of dating apps to try to meet your perfect match.

I mean…whoa.

This top was my favorite too this week.

What a satisfying way to end your day.

This is one of the most beautiful diy paint projects I’ve seen.

15 reasons summer can be difficult for people with a mental illness.

11 books to read when it just too hot to go outside.

Still hanging in there, but I’m concerned.

Excited to dig into this read this week!

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