Amy’s Notebook 07.26.18

crochet popsicle holdersource

These crocheted popsicle holders are such a useful and smart way to stash bust that yarn.

I talk a lot about my tiny house dreams so this article opened my eyes to tiny house living that I would not have thought of.

Wowed by this home makeover. It’s amazing how paint can transform the interior of a home.

Trying to get more out of your hydration routines? This post has me dreaming of some new ingredient additions.

How did I not realize that they were doing this? What a fun way to try a few new things and add some new additions for my next vaca.

I’m enjoying this delicious summer thriller right now.

The problem with relying upon our possessions to save us. Yes.

add a built-in bra to clothingsource

Love this easy tutorial for adding a bra to all those summer strappy jumpsuits and dresses this year.

I’m bookmarking these sleep apps for my next night of insomnia.

This was your top purchase this month and this was your favorite purchase this week. #smartladies

This is a beautiful piece on making peace with one’s body as it changes (no matter where we are at).

This book is in my earbuds this week. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking.

I love learning about what it is like to parent in other countries.

Working your digital habits? I’m loving this list of tips to be more intentional.

A simple wake-up call for the real you.

cake wreathsource

What an adorable baby shower cake topper? I’m in love!

This is going on my menu plan for the week. Can summer never end?

Struggling with assigning responsibilities to your teens? I love this chore list as a great starting place.

To get your kid moving, walk out the door. Boom.

Looking add more skirts to your wardrobe? I think you will find these skirt styling tips helpful.

The ancient rite of complaining about how busy you are at work. Hahaha!

This week’s album pick while you are browsing:

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