Amy’s Notebook 07.22.15

No Sew Coil Rope Basket via Allice and Lois

Source: Alice & Lois


DIY no-sew rope coil basket. NO SEW? I can do this.

I need to up my popcorn game.

Why you should still read “Go Set A Watchman.”

Another great viewpoint from NPR.

Why we don’t stress about choosing a school– AMEN.

Wonder Book Club ideas- so cute!

I love watercolors.

Come anyway– my new entertaining motto.

Poolside playlist!

Bedroom Inspiration via LittleGreenNotebook

Source: Little Green Notebook


Bedroom inspiration– love the layering on this bed!

More tiny home inspiration.

Coffee and tonic water – your new favorite summer drink?

The ultimate flower girl must-have.

Adding this to my summer reading list- have you read it?

A year-long shopping ban…I feel INSPIRED.

I want to do a career day with my kids!

Printable car parts for a “drive-in” movie– what a fun summer activity.

Let’s be people who see one another.


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