Amy’s Notebook 07.15.15

Roman Caprese salad via Camille Styles

Source: Camille Styles


This Roman Caprese salad looks divine.

4 People, 500 square feet. INSPIRING!

I want to try this cauliflower pizza crust recipe.

What an incredible life (and gift to read her words!)

Summer reading list: 23 Books to Read About Money

A little girl’s swan party– PRECIOUS.

TED Talks to watch instead of shopping.

DIY wildflower soap via Kelle Hampton blog

Source: Kelle Hampton


What a fun rainy day activity (Lord knows we have enough of them right now!)

The happiest of news.

A budget-friendly deck makeover. So lovely.

How this guy made seeing the world happen– really inspiring!

Bring on the lobster rolls.

One day I would love one of these.


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