Amy’s Notebook 07.14.10

These mini frozen fruit kabobs would be a healthier snack alternative in the summer for my kids (@ One Charming Party)

I want to make a few of these headbands upcycled from an old cosmetic case or purse (@ Ruffles & Stuff)

This blueberry shortcake would be a great dish to prepare for the summer (@ Simply Recipes)

These snickerdoodle blondies would be a delicious little treat to make (@ Brown-Eyed Baker)

These tissue paper hydrangeas on thrifted pins would make a beautiful gift (@ Just Something I Made)

I want to add a removable ruffle to all of my shoes now (@ A Lemon Squeezy Home)

This post is inspiring me to make some homemade butter (@ My First Kitchen)

This mud pie kitchen takes making mud pies to a whole new level of creating (@ Pepper Paints)

My kids would love these diy harmonicas (@ maya made)

I am bookmarking this single lady pancake as a treat to myself the next time I have the house to myself (@ Joy the Baker)

These homemade strawberry cupcakes look heavenly (@ Daily Nibbles)

I want to try this pasta with baked tomato sauce (@ The Wednesday Chef)

This cinnamon roll pizza would be a fun Saturday morning breakfast treat (@ Picky Palate)

This little sock wreath is adorable (@ Blue Cricket Design)

This soy lime pork tenderloin would be great for a backyard BBQ (@ Confections of a Foodie Bride)

This basic pancake recipe would be delicious with some of our fresh berries (@ The Way the Cookie Crumbles)

These ice cream jars would make fantastic and unique party favors (@ Style Me Pretty)

I love these ideas for other unique items to clean in your dishwasher (@ Unplggd)

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