Amy’s Notebook 06.28.17

Low Carb BLT


This low carb BLT looks like just the ticket to satisfy my favorite sandwich craving.

How wheelchair accessibility ramped up. Many, many things I had not thought about!!

Have you heard of this? I had no idea they are doing this too- I mean, do they do everything now?

This looks like the perfect summer drink, doesn’t it?

I added this to my health regime (two ounces a day) after reading so much on the benefits of this. REALLY excited about it and it has been filtered to taste like water- no bitter taste at all!

I love this weekend project idea. Can you imagine what that might mean to someone?

How top performers practice– a really thoughtful piece, particularly if you have a child practicing an instrument!

Do African Americans have the right to bear arms? I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week after the tragic shooting of Philando Castile.

Holy moly! How exciting is this news?

Switch up your Taco Tuesday with this recipe– yum!


2 Step Bun


Even the hair-challenged (like me!) can master this 2-step bun for summer.

How to prevent activism burnout. Love these tips to keep the fires lit!

This headboard is EVERYTHING!!

This cake-cutting technique is genius. Can’t wait to try it on our next upcoming birthday party!

Want to make your swimsuit last longer? Try these laundering tips.

I’m eyeing these velvet chairs for our home. Cannot believe that price for a little luxe!

Growing a lot of zucchini this summer? This sandwich looks like a fun way to put it to work!

This is, perhaps, one of the most fascinating reads I have read on genetics.

What a smart way to transform an old table. I would have never thought of that!

Ladder Garden


I love this idea to transform an old ladder into a beautiful plant display for the backyard. So smart!

Have you heard of this app? Bookmarking this since I struggle with remembering ALL THE THINGS.

Can’t wait to dig into this book over the holiday weekend!

Speaking of relaxing over the holidays, I’m loving this grown-up summer bucket list.

Avoiding grains, but still craving a sweet treat? This grain-free berry crisp looks like summer in a bowl.

I cannot wait to see this film next month!!

A real-life guide to buying wine– there are some really smart questions to ask to get the best bottle.

Pulled pork in the pressure cooker would be a fab main dish for the 4th. I also loved these 4th BBQ celebration ideas.

Speaking of the 4th, what kid wouldn’t flip for this inventive s’mores combo?

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