Amy’s Notebook 06.01.16

How to make flower arrangements via Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Source: Yummy Mummy Kitchen


DIY floral centerpieces made with grocery store flowers. LOVE!

Have you seen The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge? This is so awesome (and I still haven’t really watched Gilmore Girls, but now I want to!)

Madly in love with this room– love the bookcase styling!!

DIY almond milk French press hack- nice!

Kids backyard field day party – the perfect idea for summer fun!

Ten tips for easy entertaining– I need to work on this.

22 things every woman needs.

Father's Day Cake Toppers via Oh Happy Day

Source: Oh Happy Day


Father’s Day cake toppers DIY.

Inspiring kitchen remodel!

DIY room freshener.

A minimalist summer reading guide– fantastic picks!

This is so fun and inspiring for smaller spaces!

Exhausted? It’s time to focus!

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