Amy’s Notebook 05.25.16

gluten-free chicken nuggets

source: shutterbean

I can’t wait to try this crispy gluten-free chicken nuggets recipe!

A parent’s guide to Snapchat.

Who knew IKEA bed slats could be transformed into so much?

Absolutely LOVING these shorts (and I truly hate shorts!)

Charcuterie Board inspiration!

Memorial Day outfit ideas.

I love this guy– so happy for his success!

Summer Bucket List charm necklace– how fun would these be to make with your kids?

Money saving tools for lazy people.

Already impatiently waiting on the hold list at the library for this book!


source: polished habitat

Organize all the things– such inventive ideas!!

Looks like the IKEA kitchen really does hold up well.

Finally, a plant that can survive in our house– lol!

Backyard inspiration!

A new use for your waffle iron– yum!

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