Amy’s Notebook 05.17.18

guest bedroom detailssource

Wowed by all these thoughtful diy details in this guest bedroom makeover.

Want to nail a bold lip? Love this post with loads of different options based on your skin tone.

I’m listening to this audiobook and it is awesome.

When the stuff you own is keeping you from your dreams. YES!

I’m pretty sure that I’m one of these and I had no name for it before.

7 ways to stop caring so much about what other people think. I love this!

I still need to buy my summer white tee and plan to use this guide to figure out which one.

Good news for Whole Foods shoppers.

Here are some ways you can help a friend who is struggling with infertility. After going through this, I completely agree with this advice.

Wondering what is missing from your neutral wardrobe? It might be a little color bookending.

Struggling to make new friends? I love this advice for cultivating adult friendships.

This looks like a fun art activity to do with the kids.

The day you were born…LOL!

succulent troubleshootingsource

Struggling with your succulents? This guide might help you with troubleshooting your plant problems.

Speaking of succulents, look at this sweet deal on them. I’m thinking this variety pack might be right up my alley!

I always find a few gems on this summer reading guide.

Drowning in your child’s toys? They might be too.

The best viral news you’ll ever read about. This was a fascinating read!

I struggle with styling so I loved this post with some helpful home styling tips that ANYONE can do.

Whoa, what a steal! Glad I invested in that wholesale club membership.

Trying to get your feet sandal ready? Try this simple hack. Also, I swear by these– they work like a charm.

Have your views on marijuana changed? I would say that mine have with chronic pain.

I’m always curious about how people use smart home devices in their lives.


Whoa! This affordable accent wall idea is so smart!

I plan to incorporate this email hack ASAP.

Have you seen these gorgeous new prints? I can’t wait to update a nook in our home.

12 books you’ll want to pack in your beach bag.

I have this on my nightstand and I’m struggling to put it down.

I can so relate to these changing definitions.

This might be my new summer craft– how fun is that?

I need to frame more of our family photos so this was motivating.

SO much inspiration from this kitchen renovation. #someday

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