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If you haven’t seen this music video, I encourage you to watch it (HSP’s beware! This is very violent because it is about gun violence- not safe for young kids). I could talk about this video all day long because it is so compelling.  I found this piece on why the dancing makes us so uncomfortable and it gave me even more to chew on. Don’t really understand the meaning behind it? This piece also gave me some food for thought about the symbolism in each element of this piece of art.

How to talk about racism in classic children’s books.

Need some more podcasts to listen to? This list might help you!

After all the traveling I’ve been doing, these tips for cleaning your suitcase came just in time.

6 surprising facts about rosé you may not know.

The opposite of more isn’t less…it is ENOUGH. Wow, this really spoke to my heart!

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I just got home from a work conference and every convo seemed to gravitate towards this. This post is my daily struggle to cultivate a authentic space on the internet while still paying my bills. Does the perfect balance even exist anymore?

This $700 kitchen makeover is simply gorgeous.

11 common housekeeping mistakes– so much good info here!

Well, here is a way to use Siri that I had never thought of.

I switched from coffee to this and it works AMAZINGLY well. Whoever invented time-released caffeine is a genius. It’s really minimizing my acid reflux issues by cutting down on my coffee.

I am obsessed with season 2 of this show. Can we talk about the music too because dannngggg! So good! Here is a Spotify playlist for ya.

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I’m a sucker for yarn tassels and love this giant tassel wall hanging craft.

How cute is this? Good news- this week buy one, get one 50% off on dresses this week.

While you are stocking up, consider eliminating these 7 items from your closet.

Eating Paleo? This nacho cheese recipe might help you get your nacho fix on.

I’m hoping to up my houseplant game after I’m done traveling this month.

Bookmarking these gorgeous summer entertaining tips.

Kanye’s commentary on slavery being a choice has opened up a bigger discussion. Ta-Nehisi Coates has written a powerful piece surrounding privilege, fame, race, and the isolation that happens when we detach from the real world.

Here is what I’m reading this week. Did I mention it is only $2 and really good? Snag it!

I love guacamole and am so intrigued by this secret ingredient addition.

I need to mix some of this up for my next self-care night.

Today’s song selection for your notebook browsing-

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