Amy’s Notebook 05.08.13

Mother's Day table setting

Source: Joy The Baker


Wouldn’t you love to spend some time at a beautiful table like this for Mother’s Day?

I’m not sure if these kitchen storage ideas are life-changing, but some of them are really cool, especially using a fun soap dish for brush storage.

I’ve got to try making no-sew washable pillow covers made with glue – it sounds like a quick and easy way to update using some new fabrics.

I’m excited to find this super easy and adorable way to store twine – it’s easy to use and looks good at the same time!

This small hallway makeover that used maps for wallpaper is so amazing.


Source: Simply Scratch


I love Thai flavors, and chicken satay is a favorite – but combining it with a ginger-coconut rice? Yum!

Okay, peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzels together in a cookie? My kids will LOVE these.

Oh my goodness, I’ve got to find some opportunity to make these sweet little cupcakes that look like mini tubs of popcorn!

This lemon asparagus couscous salad with tomatoes would make a perfect light lunch – maybe for a Mother’s Day luncheon?

Camping party theme

Source: Vixen Made


This is seriously a great party theme – how fun! And it would work for men, children or anyone who likes camping and the outdoors.

No way I would’ve ever thought this fun necklace started out as gift cards!

I love doing this kind of melted crayon art with my kiddos – and the fact that it helps to use up those crayon pieces that seem to multiply each year!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, and thrifty ways to spruce up your home. Nothing brings me more joy then to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


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