Amy’s Notebook 05.04.16

While Kitchen via Design Mom

Source: Design Mom


Kitchen goals.

Passion in the margins– a beautiful reminder.

Eating like Gwyneth Paltrow– I gotta admit. I’m feeling a little inspired (except for the breath thing).

The season’s most exciting fiction reads.

What happens when fashion becomes fast, disposable, and cheap. Exactly why the capsule wardrobe has become so important to me!

I’m feeling inspired to make one of these for our home.

The danger of protecting our kids from unhappiness.

Don't toss the tops via The Kitchn

Source: The Kitchn


Never toss the tops on these 5 veggies.

I loved the movie Brooklyn (and that book too!). How cute is this gallery wall inspired by the film?

​​From a father on the poverty line to a CEO millionaire on what they can afford.

Hoarding is a serious disorder and it is getting worse.

The poor don’t need our pity.

This was a really compelling piece.

American Psycho the musical? I’m intrigued.

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