Amy’s Notebook 05.01.13

Duct Tape Bags

Source: Little Birdie Secrets


I’m totally in love with these adorable Duct Tape Bags!

If you’ve been making a lot of crafts with washi tape (remember these cute thumbtacks from a previous Notebook?) than you’ll love this Washi Tape Storage Ideas round-up.

I can think of so many times this personalized countdown calendar-in-a-jar would be fun to have – Christmas, birthdays – even waiting for a vacation or visit from grandparents!


Source: Apartment Therapy


I think these bed canopies created with hula hoops are so fun and beautiful!

Have you ever thought about spring cleaning your make-up drawer? It’s not the first thing I think about when Spring cleaning, but this is a great reminder.

I think this diy sheet music wall art would be awesome in a music room or a music-themed kid’s room.

Using my instagram photos to make sticky notes just seems like a match made in heaven.


Source: Skinny Taste


With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, this easy crock pot chicken for tacos and tostadas just might have to be on our menu.

Why not make it an international week and include a refreshing rice noodle bowl with shrimp and vegetables on the menu? I love mixing our menus up!

This hazelnut chocolate torte with espresso ganache is going to have to make it onto the menu soon, too!

And this homemade conditioner from easy-to-find ingredients? Awesome!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, and thrifty ways to spruce up your home. Nothing brings me more joy then to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


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