Amy’s Notebook 04.18.19


I’ve been dying to make an Instant Pot Cheesecake and this recipe looks perfect.

What it is like to grow up with more money than you’ll ever spend. Fascinating!

These are some really creative ideas for ways to squeeze in more books.

Things I wish my therapist would say to me– hahaha!

A simple conversation starter for any social situation.

This was your favorite purchase this week.

22 Whole30 recipes you can eat all week long. YUM!


I can’t get over how stunning this bike wheel wreath is! Such a smart upcycle!

These embellished braids would be so pretty for Easter Sunday.

I’ve got this book on my nightstand this week and this book going on my earbuds.

This piece really hit the nail on the head about friendships & parenting in your 40’s. (*language*)

I loved reading this piece on the new microblading eyebrows trend that’s going on.

Loved volunteering for this organization this week. I wish more schools would do this!

Speaking of South Bend, this was the highlight of my week.


How good does this broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast look? YUM!

This has been my year of branching out and I love this advice on making new friends.

This one-pot dish looks delicious!

We are going to have to try this recipe for our next Indian night.

This is a great gathering of beginner cooking tips. A lot of these are things I learned through trial and error.


How fun is this faux woven pendant light?

30 foolproof ways to deal with difficult people.

What’s behind the elective-sobriety trend.

Looking for a mocktail to start with? This recipe caught my eye!

It’s harder to focus these days and it isn’t your fault.

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