Amy’s Notebook 03.16.15

Spring Cleaning Tips via A Thoughtful Place

Source: A Thoughtful Place


5 ways to jump start spring cleaning.

Loved reading about this ballerina’s beauty routines.

For pen addicts.

Fun Allegiant party ideas perfect for Divergent movie fans!

I love this burlap bow.

I love peeking at this bracket. Waaayy more interesting than basketball.

This brought tears to my eyes, especially after reading Paul’s book.

101 places your clutter can do good.

This app will come in handy as we pick out plants for spring.

Crochet Hair Clips via Yarn Twist

Source: Yarn Twist


Adorn a hair clip with crochet. So cute!

A small kitchen with big personality for comedian Seth Meyers.

I need to work on being kinder to myself. This was a good reminder.

7 tips to help people with ADD/ADHD read more and read better.

Very good reminder on fitness. Stick to the basics!

An introvert’s guide to having people over.

Sometimes the latest gadgets aren’t a good thing.

Have you cut the cord yet? This is a great breakdown on pricing if you are considering it!

Working on my plurals or is it plural? Hmmm!

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